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Our passion for food dates back to the early to mid 70's to working class Sydney.

After migrating to the then Villawood hostel in the early 70's our family later moved to the Western suburbs of Sydney.

As we were a middle class family from Turkey, dad tried to work as a salesman however it was extremely difficult for him in our new home with little English, “dad was never cut out to be a factory worker.”

He had an interest in food so he rented a rundown diner in Flemington, which had a growing population of migrant Turks.

Dad used his salesman skills (in Turkish and broken English) to encourage migrant shift workers in the nearby factories to try his wife's bowl of hot soup and some grilled kofte as opposed to the normal offerings of the local shops. Word soon traveled fast.

Dad had to keep the diner open for 24 hours a day and made sure he was there personally to serve all the meals when the shift worker's arrived.
All the soups and kofte would be prepared daily by my mum in our home in Cabramatta.

After school my brother and I would carry the 50-60 litre pots of soup topped with trays of spicy kofte by foot to the Cabramatta train station more than 500-600 metres away. At the age of 7 the pot was nearly as big as I was, it wasn't so bad for my brother who was 13 at the time.

We would change sides every 40-50 metres as the pot got heavy until we got it onto the old clickerty clack trains of the 70's to Flemington around 15 stations away. We did this for about 2.5 years every day including school holidays. To this day when ever I hear a train I still think of those days.

The old folk of Flemington still talk about dad’s diner like it was yesterday.

Following on from dad's humble diner we are still continuing  the passion at Alaturka Cuisine today right here in the best city in Australia, my mum still prepares food for us, this time preparing our famous manti pasta.

Manti is distinctly Turkish pasta more famous from the central Anatolian city of Kayseri where our family originates.

Every woman in Kayseri is either born or married into the delicate and pain staking art of making manti pasta.

Manti is a dish that requires alot of preparation and patience. Flour and water are mixed into a bowl before being rolled into thin sheets then cut into small diamond shapes, the filling is added and all 4 corners of the diamond shape pasta are joined one by one, we wont tell you what happens next, except to say that this recipe has been in our family for around 200 years and is still being passed down to the next generation.

The next time you are in Subiaco, drop in to try mum's manti pasta. This dish is not available anywhere else in Perth, and if you are wondering how it tastes, well you will have to come in and try it for yourself.

All dishes cooked at Alaturka Cuisine are freshly prepared and of course HALAL

We look forward to serving you soon and sharing our unique cuisine with you but be ready to expect something quite special.

AFIYET OLSUN (enjoy your meal)

Birtan Erkut

PS: how do you pronounce it?
a la toor ka...........

What does it mean?
Alaturka comes from the old world/old school meaning of Turkey, perhaps similar to what Latin is to Italian


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